This checklist will help you avoid the most common pitfalls of such shoots. 

Pre-wedding shoots in India are becoming increasingly commonplace. From candid shots to thematic concepts, a pre-wedding shoot allows you the creative narrative to your love story. While couples can choose how they want to be photographed by adding an element of storytelling or through fun props, there is a danger of going overboard. The key is to understand what you want and let your photographs showcase that. After all, the wedding is about you and your partner. 

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to follow before you plan your pre-wedding shoot. 

Deciding the theme

DO have a clear idea of what exactly you want your pre-wedding photographs to capture? Do you want candid shots or would you prefer a themed shoot with color-coded or vintage décor? Or would you like to document your love story at locales that bear significance to it? Once you have selected a theme, you can choose the locations, outfits and props that fit in. 

DON’T get tempted to use themes because they are trendy, for they may overpower your personality and make you look unnatural. Instead, use ideas that make you feel comfortable and resonate with your personality. 

Choosing the photographer

DO engage a photographer who helps you get the best results. Discuss your ideas together in advance, so that you are all on the same page during the shoot. 

DON’T try to save a few bucks by getting an amateur to do the shoot. Your photographer should be someone who is experienced in shooting what you need. For instance, if you want candid shots, hire a photographer who’s good at clicking portraits. 

Picking the location (and time of day)

DO ensure you pick your locale with these factors in mind: what it represents to you as a couple, how convenient the place is to shoot at and whether you need permission to shoot there, especially at public places. Account for possible distractions, such as passers-by blocking your shot or an unexpected downpour. 

DON’T make last-minute plans with your photographer! Inform him/her in advance about your chosen spot and what kind of shots you want because your photographer will need to do a recce of the location and carry equipment according to the lighting required. 

Planning your wardrobe and arranging props

DO prepare your clothes, accessories (including sunglasses and hats) and all the props you will need for the shoot well in advance. You can hire professionals for hair and makeup, but it’s not necessary; stick to what makes you comfortable. 
DON’T get carried away with the temptation to shop exclusively for the shoot. Hiring professional stylists and makeup artists, too, are unnecessary expenses that can be avoided. Matching your outfits as a couple is a major fashion faux pas. Instead, compliment your looks by wearing colors that go well together and focus on your personal style. 

Things to do the day before

DO get your beauty sleep, for most wedding photographers prefer to catch the natural light of the early morning. You don’t want to walk in looking or feeling groggy.

DON’T consume alcohol the night before or your eyes may look puffy. Also, avoid changing your appearance drastically a day before by getting a haircut or beauty treatments. Get all those done a few days earlier, so you can account for problems that may crop up.


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