As weddings go in India, I, Nishtha, was prepared to feel everything but peace of mind during mine, an impression that was reinforced on the day I got engaged to my fiancé Abhishek Ghate. It was a jumble sorting through vendors, budgets, the function at hand and the guests! The only one that kept the whole thing from falling apart was my eldest and dearest sister, Pratibha Nakil, 14 years my senior. But because she was managing the whole affair, and so beautifully, she isn’t visible in any of my engagement pictures.
So, I decided to introduce a planner into my wedding scenario. Of course, that’s easier said than done – we googled and contacted a few wedding planners in Bangalore. And I tasted my first shock of what a planner’s idea of my dream wedding would be! For instance, we met one with a monopoly at a “High End” wedding venue in Bangalore, who was chewing on a paan as he spoke to us. Then he threw some pictures on the table asking me to choose which wedding décor I preferred out of those. I ran out of there, never to return.
And despite the raving talks about a thriving wedding-planning industry, the picture was beginning to look rather dismal to me and especially Pratibha who was very keen to ensure that I get to live my wedding dream. None of the planners I met seemed to echo my plans for the big day, let alone show signs of creative or logical thinking. With the picture as bleak as that, I stumbled upon some help groups on Facebook, which led me to kathaweddings.com. Gingerly, I called them.
The first thing I experienced was a sense of relief, of talking to someone who knew not only what their work demanded but also how they could integrate all that we wanted to make it work for me.
LR56“It was about perfection from the word GO. Katha Weddings was particular about every little detail, say, the color of the genda flower or the specifications I needed in the décor. A very reassuring feeling indeed! And everyone, including my family and guests who walked into Temple Tree Leisure in Bellandur, Bangalore, where the wedding was held, have since been talking about one of the most well-organized weddings they have been to.”
Katha Weddings  has a solid workforce running the show, who is completely involved in the projects, absolutely enthusiastic and always positive. Completely in control of the work they had at hand, not once did they lose their cheer or even get cranky! In fact, my guests were left speechless when each one of them got a reminder call from the team, giving them details of where to arrive for the wedding and how to reach the designated person in case they faced any difficulty. If that isn’t a personal touch, I wouldn’t know what is.
Of course, there were tiny hitches like rain in the evening, which I think could have been better catered for. And in retrospect, I wish the wedding décor was a touch brighter so that it seemed a little less dull in pictures. But with such a sense of ownership witnessed among the whole Katha team, Abhishek, I and everyone else have only been feeling a sense of overall satisfaction.
It’s been a couple of months since the wedding, but people, especially Pratibha, haven’t had enough of saying how beautifully it was all done. 
Pratibha had wanted a wow wedding for me – something that was different and where all the guests felt special. 
Katha Weddings made all of that possible.
Not only did they deliver over and above the brief but also added a very personal attention to detail.
Added to it all, their desire to ensure that everything went well without any interruptions, will always remain well appreciated. 
Katha Weddings has given Abhishek’s and my love a beautiful story to linger upon. 



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