Nature lovers Anthony and Sonali talk about their jungle-themed dream wedding, which was blessed by the Gods, embraced by the elements of nature and wrapped in sheer elegance. 

The Couple: Anthony Clement Terrence & Sonali Annette Cherian

Venue: Temple Tree Leisure

Wedding Day: 7th June, 2014

Sonali and I love nature in all its glory, so we wanted to represent that at our wedding.

We were thrilled that Katha Weddings could understand our theme well, integrating it into every aspect of our wedding décor. 
The chosen venue was wonderful – it had a rustic feel to it, with modern comforts and amenities. 
It was perfect! 
The fact that it was an eco-friendly destination was a huge plus-point for us – it meant we would be using natural resources and recyclable materials. 
Although, some might say that we went a little overboard with the lights, all the décor pieces were carefully chosen to complement the theme – be it twigs, orchids or ivy vines. 
Neither Sonali nor I had expected a jungle theme to look so classy and stylish. 
Our guests loved it too. 
Even our give-aways were completely in tune with our wedding theme – potted plants. 
Overall, Katha Weddings did a fantastic job organizing the entire wedding. 
While Katha Weddings came away being the talk of the town ( for the theme they pulled off so elegantly – definitely one of the rare ones seen around … we got exactly what we were looking for ……. Our dream wedding!


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