Antara Narrates…

Just like each of her kids hold a special place in a mother's heart, each wedding that they plan is special for a wedding planner. Though she has planned numerous weddings over the years, Antara, the chief wedding planner at Katha Weddings, will always remember some of them fondly. Here she narrates her experience and the memories associated with such special weddings.

Themed weddings have been the craze for quite a few years now. But when the wedding theme is something significant in the couple’s love story, your wedding becomes all the more personalized. This is exactly what happened at Shivani and Adithya’s wedding at Temple Tree Leisure. The pinwheel, their final project in college, ended up being something that symbolizes the love of these college sweethearts.

So when they approached us, they requested for the pinwheel to be incorporated in the décor as much as possible. To ensure they got their perfect wedding, we needed about 500 pinwheels that were of the same size and looked the same. Sourcing all of them was quite a difficult task, but we managed to arrange it just in time.

Right from the name board at the entrance which was pinwheel shaped, we tried to incorporate this concept throughout the venue. The pathway itself had around 200-300 pinwheels adding an element of spectacle to the event.

The décor for the wedding in the morning also consisted of traditional flower garlands, with the mandap made with orange tinge fabric, mirror drops and pinwheels. While the reception, in the evening, had mostly lights illuminating the entire place.

Seeing the pinwheels around everywhere, brought a smile to the faces of the couple’s near and dear ones as they felt the connection that Shivani and Adithya have with the pinwheel. And as a wedding planner, these smiles and that sense of contentment and happiness on the client’s face is what makes everything I do, worth it! 


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