Three Stories...

Big Fat Indian Weddings are something that our country is known for. There is a certain pressure while planning in order to make sure that their wedding is much more extravagant than the others. So when our client asked us for a unique element in each of the functions, we were more than up for the challenge. After just three meetings, everything was finalized.

The sangeet at J.W. Marriott was low-key and had a theme of white. The décor for the evening comprised white orchids and crystals, which included beautiful crystal bowls.

Since the wedding was happening at their own farmhouse in Bannergatta, we constructed a structure of seven pillars with temple bells where 7 pandits sat and recited all the mantras. This, combined with the marigold flower décor, not only gave the entire place a traditional temple feel, but also felt majestic at the same time.

For the Jaimala and Reception that happened by the poolside at Hotel Lalit Ashok, the clients requested something that would entertain the guests as they waited for their turn to give the couple their blessings. This is where we came up with an out-of-the-box idea. A massive, three storey structure of 9 boxes, each box being 8x8 feet, was constructed in two days and set up on the lawn. Dancers from all over the country showcased multiple dance forms in each box. Lights and choreography added to the magic and left everybody spellbound! 

And though we were skeptical of the performers climbing up with the help of ladders, they did so without breaking a sweat and pulled it off marvelously!

All the hard work that went behind making this happen, paid off and proved to be a success in the end. 

Team Katha considers this wedding to be one of its biggest achievements and is also a very memorable one.

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