Game that unite two Souls..!!

"Love is when two different worlds come together"

Remember those old Bollywood movies where the hero and heroine would romance or proclaim their love for each other over a game of Badminton? Well, Sandeep and Fiona's story has this element as the couple met on the Badminton court! Between that and their proposal which took place at the scenic Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, this Australia-based couple's love story is no less than a Bollywood blockbuster! 

The bride is a country girl from Australia and the groom is a Bangalorean, the wedding was bound to be different and a whole lot of fun! Sandeep and Fiona experienced and celebrated their union in two beautifully contrasting ways! They had a big Indian wedding which was a five-day extravaganza in Bangalore and a white wedding in the Australian countryside which was a rustic and communal affair wherein the entire village pitched in and had some role in making the event happen! 

Making sure that the Aussies get a real taste of Indian culture was one of the major things that the groom's family wanted to achieve. There could be no better time than Deepavali to do this. So, the groom's mother, Padma and her eldest daughter, Latha took it upon themselves to make sure this was going to be an unforgettable experience for everybody. "But since it was going to require extensive planning and co-ordination, we started talking to a few wedding planners and finally decided to go ahead with Katha Weddings as their approach really impressed us and they also quoted reasonable prices for everything that we asked for," says the groom's mother. 

The festivities started off at home with the haldi and bangle ceremony. Decorated with yellow and orange fabric all over, the house looked divine! Flowers and coconuts made the decor more traditional. During the ceremony, cousins of the groom sneaked in some colours and the whole thing turned into an amusing holi party with everybody indulging in the fun! 

The next event was the Mehendi and Sangeet at the President Hotel. The venue was decked up in fabric in the colours dark blue, dark pink and gold, along with mango-shaped fiber cut-outs! While the ladies were busy getting beautiful henna on their hands, the men turned the event into a massive party. 

The big day was soon approching! Team Katha reached the wedding venue, Radian Resort, the previous evening to set up in advance for the next morning. But fate had other plans. "The vehicle that was transporting all the decoration material to the venue broke down thrice and ended up reaching the venue only at 3am. Since it was originally suppossed to reach the previous night at 8pm, there was a lot of work to do! But the entire team pulled it together and managed to have everything ready by 6am and nobody had a clue about the events of the night!" exclaims a member of Team Katha as she breathes a sigh of relief. 

Floral mandap, pathway and six canopies along with the entrance were created in a mere three hours. The décor was extremely traditional and orange and yellow marigolds were prominently used everywhere. Dark pink fabric was used to make the floral arrangement stand out and it added the much needed contrast to the venue. The groom was stunned by the magnificent décor as soon as he entered the venue. "A part of our wedding that none of us can forget was Fiona's dad trying to repeat the Sanskrit mantras and the only thing he could say with utmost conviction was Swaha!", be musingly reminisces the groom, Sandeep. 

The last event was the reception, for which the lawn set up was changed using fabric, mirror-drops and adding a jhoola on stage. Lots of fairy lights were used to set the mood for the evening ahead! The groom's family, who traditionally can't dance, surprised the couple at the reception with a small choreographed fusion dance sequence. The Aussies dancing without a drink was yet another sight to behold! 

"We were thoroughly impressed with all the planning and execution done by Katha Weddings and were immensely happy with the visual impact created at all the events. It was  also really nice to see that all the vendors were so passionate about what they did!" praise by the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bellary. 

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