Pets At Weddings

Happiness is having a pet. They are a part of the family and are the source of joy in most homes. They are with you no matter what and so most couples make sure that they are a part of their big day too. But having animals at weddings is not really a piece of cake. A lot of planning goes into it and quite a few precautions need to be taken as well. Whether you want your pet to be the star of the show or encourage everybody to bring their pets along to your wedding, here are some things you should keep in mind if you want to have a pet-friendly wedding

1. Make sure that the venue you have chosen does in fact allow animals as you don't want any surprises on the actual day. You should also keep in mind that there is enough space for the pets to run around or a specific place to have a designated pet area on the venue, where all the pets can play and be at ease. 

2. Explicitly mention in your invite that it is a pet-friendly wedding. You can also have a separate, additional invite for the other pets making it seem as though your own pet is inviting them to your wedding. This information will also help certain guests to come prepared if they are either scared of animals or are allergic to them. 

3. If you're having just your pet at the wedding, make sure you hand over its complete responsibility to a friend or someone who your pet is comfortable with and isn't busy with the wedding. You can also choose to have a professional pet-sitter or an entire team to be present at the pet area in case you are having one.  

4. Keep treats and other supplies handy just in case any pet requires it. Toys and other entertainment for the pets is also a necessity so that they can have their own fun while the ceremony is going on.  

5. If you're planning to include the pets in the ceremony, make sure that they are comfortable with whatever you will be making them do. Have a few practice sessions and ensure that they are dressed comfortably and not even the least bit uncomfortable with anything going on. If your pet is shy, don't force it. Keep the personality of your pet in mind while you plan everything.  

6. Crackers are a big no-no. Don't include any element that may frighten your pet. Some pets may also be allergic to certain flowers. So, make sure you don't use those in your wedding decor for the sake of your beloved pet. 

7.  Have a Plan B. Just in case something goes wrong, have a proper plan regarding what needs to be done. If the pet gets anxious and can't tolerate being there, make sure there is someone to take it to a nearby park or back home. Evacuation plans for the pet area, in case of any disruptions are also mandatory.  

8. Make sure the photographer knows about this aspect of your wedding so that candid moments of your pet can be captured too. 

With all this in mind, your pet-friendly wedding is sure to be a success. The guests will remember it for a long time to come as a cute and fun wedding. But just in case you don't want to go all out, you can always include your pet by having a pre-wedding shoot with it, or getting customized Kaleere with it's pictures on them, or even making them a part of your outfit through embroidery or as a part of your mehendi. After all, your furry friends are the ones that feel like home and even your wedding will feel incomplete without them.

All images taken from Pinterest.

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