'To be with YOU'

Well, their love story is far from usual. Guy met girl, Girl said NO. Life moves on, until destiny brings them back together. Then Guy meets girl again, and girl says “I DON’T HAVE THE TIME, and sorry but not my type”. But some things are “written in stars” and happen no matter what. Neither of them really know when, or how but well what’s meant to be generally always is. Now, with a start like that the families were excited to celebrate the couple.

Zainab, daughter of one of the most well renowned Wedding planners in Mumbai, so the samnewala, the grooms side, had to get their act together. With the elder daughter already married about 5 years back the family knew they had to start early and had to find someone to manage their affairs. So the duo of Mother and daughter take the task of finding a suitable planner. They had to make certain that their plan was flawless coz they would be hosting the best in the business.

Katha Weddings was one of the first choices, because they had worked with them for their daughter's wedding, but they did explore other options. They met with a couple of other Wedding planners, none with the same enthusiasm and comfort level as Katha Weddings. Team Katha Weddings was easy to talk to and understood what the client wanted. They were able to hold the middle ground between the perfectionist Mom, and the over zealous sister of the groom for planning each and every detail of the wedding.

Like most Bohri weddings go, this one had a lot of functions. Each meal was planned as an event in itself. Right from the theme to food to the set up.  The idea was to give the guests a different experience each time. So, that meant converting the Hall/ Venue to something completely new and to transport the guests to a new place with the décor and the food. Now, that was a challenge right from the start. But to add to the complications of the wedding, there were 3 different venues, in 3 very different parts of the city, guests had to be moved to all of these venues and time management was critical.

The wedding guest list was snug, when you compare to what Indian Weddings have but that being said, Team Katha Weddings had to execute 5 different themes, different decors, floral arrangements, colour schemes, seating arrangements, different food caterers, different vibes and music within a short span of 2 days. The wedding guests were first welcomed to a traditional south Indian style decor and food, complete with the nariyalwala stall, and a cute beach boat photo booth.

Then the guests were treated to a completely different starry night themed reception, with all details executed to the T. The theme demanded the stage with props, a photo booth, the lighting, the music and poetry to tie it all together. 

While bringing all of this together, Team Katha Weddings also managed to diffuse the emergency MC situation for the event next morning. They were on conference calls right till 2 AM coordinating games and program details with the MC. Their team managed to put together every single thing needed for the games decided just that night by 10AM in the morning.

While the family slept, Team Katha Weddings toiled in the venue right through the wee hours and had every single thing set for the Punjabi  theme, complete with all the vibrant colours, the food carts, the chat walas, the dhol wala, and mirror drops hanging all over the lawn. The team was even able to arrange for a projector and screen within hours.

Now after pulling off an all nighter and managing all of that drama, the team did an exceptional job with the main wedding event décor, where the theme was Rustic English charm. Team Katha Weddings took care of everything. The entryway, the old doors acting as partitions, creating a canopy to give an “in the woods” sort of feel in the wedding hall. The décor was spectacular, all within a very specific and repeatedly negotiated budget. If that wasn’t enough, one part of their team did up the room and got the house ready to welcome the bride.

Next morning the same hall that had now seen 2 complete transformations of south Indian and Punjabi theme was redone perfectly to a Mediterranean – Santorini theme. They didn’t just make themes happen, and disappear. They were always there when there was anything that the family needed. Their team took care of the guests right till the end. Katha Weddings was the perfect planner.

Wedding are often times where emotions are high, anger, panic, confusion everything simple becomes clouded with multifolds of drama. Team Katha Weddings with their “can do” attitude, just breezed through all of it and managed to get everything just right.

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